Underrated QBs – 2017

Today’s NFL is a quarterback driven league; if you get crappy play from your quarterback, your most likely going to have a crappy season. The same can be said in the fantasy football realm, however, you do not necessarily need elite play from your quarterback in fantasy football.

There is great value later in the draft. Sure, it’d be great to have Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, but you would be sacrificing talent at other positions to land those types of players. The disparity between an elite quarterback in fantasy football and a serviceable quarterback is not vast. Now, consistency is a whole other animal, but if you’re willing to wait, there is talent to be grabbed later in the draft. Often times, we get caught up in the aura of a name, but I’ve got news for you, in fantasy football, men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

This analysis was done using ESPN’s standard scoring, a 12-man league, and the 2017 average draft position of players based on ESPN’s most recent mock drafts. With that being said, here are your top 5 most underrated quarterbacks for fantasy football.


1.  Kirk Cousins

“You like that?!!! Yea, you like that!”
Look, Captain Kirk lost the majority of his talent at the wide receiver position. That’s not a secret, but he still has a gun slinger’s mentality and enough people to get the ball to, to score points. It’s not as if Pierre Garcon or Desean Jackson were elite wide receivers for Cousins. Kirk signed his second franchise tag so he will continue to have something to prove this season. In 2016, Cousins finished 7th in the league in fantasy football points scored per game at 18.77. His 2017 average draft position is 84th which would put him in the 7th round. That’s 3 rounds below Andrew Luck who finished last year with an average of 20.51. Are those two points worth 3 rounds? I think not.


2.  Tyrod Taylor

The guy keeps plays alive and has talent around him. He even has a defense that can get the ball for him. Oh, and he can run the ball too. Who knows if he’s going to be the Bills’ franchise quarterback, but in 2016 he finished 8th in points scored per game at 18.06. His average draft position is 124th which would put him in the 10th round; all I have to say is “com’ on man”.


3. Derek Carr

This one absolutely baffles me. Talk about a guy who’s stock should be rising. Another year with Cooper and Crabtree. Then you factor in Beast Mode relieving pressure with a solid run game and great pass protection. Oh boy, is there some real upside for Carr this year. He finished 11th in points per game and has an average draft position of 94th which would put him in the 8th round. Sit back, draft some good talent at your skills positions and jump on this guy around round 6 to be on the safe side.


4. Blake Bortles

The Jaguars sucked last year and they probably won’t be world beaters this year either. Their defense added some big names, but the team will probably still be down in plenty of games. That bodes well for those willing to sit back and draft Bortles late. His new head coach Doug Marrone and Executive Vice President, Tom Coughlin, believe Bortles can be the franchise quarterback. He dos not lack weapons on offense either. Bortles finished 15th in points per game last year, but has an average draft position of 133 or the 11th round. He’s worth a pick in rounds much earlier than 11.


5. Andy Dalton

This guy drives fantasy football players crazy with his inconsistency. However, there is too much talent at the skill positions on the Bengals for him not to be successful this year. The Red Rocket, can give you a massive game one week and then an absolute dud the next. I’d say be wary of jumping up too high to get him, but currently his average draft position is 123th which puts him in the 10th round. I’d say you can take him as high as the 6th round if you have a great feeling about his offense.

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